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We want to help Nurse Practitioners
     To make things easier for our Nurse Practitioners, we have broken down the job search categories for you ahead of time.  When you click on any one of the links on the left, it will bring you to that category of jobs.  You will only need to input your desired location.

Need tuition reimbursement?

     Go to Tuition Reimbursement to find jobs that offer it. More often than not, it will also be a rural position in a Federally Qualified Area although some private companies also still offer it.

What is a retail clinic?

     Have you seen the clinics that are in retail stores like Walgreens, Target, Publix, Krogers and Walmart?  Chances are there are a number of these in your town. Check them out in person before you decide to apply for a position.  Ask the NP working there what it's like.  Retail healthcare isn't for everyone.

Retail clinic vs. full service urgent care clinic?

     The difference lies in the level of care that an NP is allowed to give his/her patients.  The services that NPs are allowed to provide in a retail clinic are extremely limited. There is no suturing, splinting, taking or reading x-rays etc., but there are some changes going on right now. Walgreens (Take Care Health Clinics) says it’s moving into diagnosis and treatment of chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, high cholesterol and asthma. This will move this retail giant into a mix of urgent and primary care.

     Most full-service urgent-care clinics are similar to a fast-track ER, doing triage and taking care of the minor emergencies. They do suturing and can also take x-rays at some clinics.

New graduate NPs  -  Finding a position

     Some of you had a job lined up even before you graduated.  Congratulations!  Others still don't have a job 3 months after graduating and getting certified.  If you are the latter, don't give up and resign yourself to being an RN forever.  You earned your MSN; you deserve to work as an NP.  Relocate if you have to get that first year of experience under your belt.

Employers who may be open to hiring new grad nurse practitioners aren't too excited if a "new grad" has been out of NP school for 6+ months. They feel that you may lose your skills and forget some of the knowledge that you obtained in school. 
   In many cases, recruiters won't be your answer. There are new grad NP jobs out there, but there are  some employers that won't hire a recruiter for a new grad search assignment. But don't cancel recruiters out altogether! A Nurse Practitioner recruiter can get as many or more than 20 new grad positions per year.  *NOTE: July 25, 2014 - This year, in 2014, there have a lot more search assignments that said they were open to new grads so a recruiter might be your ticket.

Get Placements USA to send you new-grad Nurse Practitioner jobs as they come up.

     Read this Blog for help from other Nurse Practitioners in finding a new grad Nurse Practitioner position, but please come back to us.

     To see new grad Nurse Practitioner jobs - Nurse Practitioner Job Board.


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"As a new graduate nurse practitioner, I was at a loss trying to find my first job as an NP. I then came to this site and found a job. Thanks for making it easier for me."

"I come to this site because it seems friendly towards nurse practitioners like me.

"Maybe I'm a little dense, but I really like the way NP jobs are sectioned out for us. I never even thought of putting in keywords like "tuition reimbursement".  It's been a very useful place to look for jobs. Thank you."

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